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Important Information

Why You Should REFUSE Fluoride Treatments For Your Child – July 28, 2013

Fluoride is a Poison and Does Not Belong in Water
Fluoride is xenobiotic — it is a poison — not a nutrient. According to Dr. Kennedy (a speaker at the Healthy Mouth Summit), fluoride is harmful to the microbes that live on teeth and it damages the way the body makes energy, teeth, bone and blood. It increases mineral content but lowers the tinsel strength of bone and gets into the marrow and lowers the blood cell count — wrecking havoc with blood cell production and the strength of the bones and teeth.
He’s not just saying that — a 2000 review of the literature by the British Government (University of York) found that there has not been a single properly conducted, high quality study to demonstrate that water fluoridation has benefits — in spite of over 50 years of water fluoridation.

CDC 2001 Review
In 2001 The Centers for Disease Control summarized the use of fluoride to guide health care professionals, health officials and policy makers in the use of fluoride. They cite many studies that prove the effectiveness of fluoride in preventing dental caries. However, they do not present the studies that show how toxic it is to the many systems in the body…

How To Avoid Fluoride
• Move to Europe or the countryside and dig a well — well water is low in fluoride.
• Choose organic foods that have lower pesticide exposure.
• In your garden, water the roots not the plant and there will be less uptake of fluoride — there is highest uptake in the leaf.
• Chamomile tea, black tea and green tea uptake fluoride but most fluoride is in instant tea.
• Diets high in animal fats and proteins are protective against fluoride exposure.
• To detoxify fluoride use the following supplements:
• Calcium and Magnesium in a 2:1 ratios; Vitamin C; Selenium (200 – 400 mcg); Iodine — use Lugol’s or Iodoral — it is a nutrient form of 50/50 potassium iodine and iodide. Take it slowly because there can be a detox reaction as it knocks fluoride and bromine out and you will detox.

Fluoride Treatments
The American Dental Association and other health officials still insist that topical fluoride is beneficial to tooth enamel. Fluoride treatments are typically applied at each 6 month dental visit for youngsters.
According to Dr. Kennedy, Topical applications of fluoride will cause a dramatic increase in blood levels of fluoride even if it is not swallowed — it is always absorbed through the mucosa of the mouth.
According to Dr. Kennedy the dose of a fluoride treatment is 100mg/kg. The toxic dose of fluoride is 5mg/Kg. This is a toxic dose for a 40 pound child if ingested. The instructions are to NOT swallow the sweet sticky gel — but it will remain in the mouth and some will be absorbed.
As stated earlier, fluoride impairs brain function and decreases IQ. Too much fluoride causes fluorosis of the tooth enamel. Do you really want this for your child?

Other Communities

Regional Municipality of Peel, ONT

Liesa Cianchino, Chair Concerned Residents of Peel to End Fluoridation, sent the following video and letter to share with everyone. She launched the lawsuit against the Regional Municipality of Peel and the Province of Ontario, challenging the constitutionality of artificial fluoridation of municipal drinking water.

Murky Waters: The Secret Behind Fluoride

Murky Waters

What’s really behind our murky drinking water: hence the lawsuit?


Citizens have the right to know all the legal ramifications, the right to informed consent and the right to choose what drug (medication) goes into their bodies.


Dear Safe Water Advocates:


Momentum is on our side thanks to each and every one of you for all the great work you are doing in your respective communities.


Special thanks to Dr. Paul Connett and Team for their relentless efforts and continued support to community groups around the world. The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) provides us with comprehensive and up-to-date information.


Also, special thanks to Dr. Joe Mercola for his continued work and support in this battle to end artificial water fluoridation for not only the US but for Canada and the last few countries who are working diligently to end the practice in their communities.


Exciting news! We are thrilled to have Erin Brockovich on board. Erin and signers have put the US Federal Government on Notice. Her connections will garner the attention we need as we are closing in on the History of “70 Dark Years of Artificial Water Fluoridation.” The celebration years are coming to an end – the candles are burning out. Erin is a force to be reckoned with, and we are more than confident she will help take us to the finish line.


Our unprecedented Lawsuit against the Regional Municipality of Peel and the Province of Ontario will shine a light on this reckless, dangerous and ineffective practice. The Judge will decide the fate of fluoridation once and for all.


Daniel Stockin from the Lillie Center Inc. says it beautifully, “The train has left the station. Fluoridation is ending. You can look for a quickening cascade of cities, water utilities, health officials and others distancing themselves from fluoridation.”


Many of you are on board this global train and have graciously offered to help move this case forward.


Stay tuned on how you can help by making your donation to help defray the legal costs.




Thanks again everyone for your continued support.


Liesa Cianchino
Chair Concerned Residents of Peel to End Fluoridation
Founding Member Worldwide Alliance to End Fluoridation
Board Member Mom’s Against Fluoridation (US)


Red Deer, AB

Fluoride Free Red Deer held a meeting last night, Thursday, May 14 with Dr. James Beck.

Lorraine Schmidt shared this report:




It [the meeting] went well. Wish there were more people there of course, but we shouldn’t have booked before a long weekend. We were at Pure Earth all day handing out info packs and getting signatures of “I do not consent to water fluoridation.” Between both places we did well.


Last night we had a councillor attend from Lacombe. I was so happy to see this as he’s fairly outspoken and if we get him on our side, he will push the issue. Slow process as you know.


Forgot to mention Dr Beck is coming Tuesday to meet with Red Deer mayor. She’s on our side.


Gloucester, MA

Many American communities are debating fluoridation. I’ve included this Letter to the Editor of the Gloucester Times from Dr. Hardy Limeback because it has good information. If you want to have your blood boil, read the comment section – the usual fluoridation supporters are out in force with their fraudulent “facts.”

Letter: Dentistry prof recommends voting fluoridation out

To the editor:


I served 3.5 years on the US National Academies of Sciences Subcommittee on Fluoride in Drinking Water.


The NAS is sometimes referred to as the “Supreme Court of Science,” an organization that sets up unbiased (or balanced) committees to review scientific issues of concern to Americans. The committee on which I served examined the health effects of fluoride in drinking water. Our report, published March 22, 2006, can be found online.


Our committee was funded by the US EPA — we were charged NOT to examine the benefits of fluoridation but we certainly reviewed all relevant literature on the toxicity of fluoride, including those at low levels of intake, including the toxic side effects of fluoridation…


Our 2006 NRC (NAS) report also concluded that there is a likelihood that fluoride can promote bone cancer. On page 336 it is stated fluoride appears to have the potential to initiate or promote cancers, particularly of the bone, but the evidence to date is tentative and mixed (Tables 10-4 and 10-5). This alone should force the EPA to set a fluoride maximum contaminant level goal for fluoride in drinking water at ZERO (as it did for arsenic). The EPA has not yet made a decision as to fluoride’s carcinogenicity.


I have personally conducted years of funded research at the University of Toronto on the topic of fluorosis (fluoride poisoning) and bone effects of fluoride intake. I am also the co-author of studies that show that too much fluoride accumulation in the dentin of teeth (the tissue that supports enamel) causes its properties to change as well. I suspect that a lifetime of fluoride accumulation on teeth causes them to be more brittle and fracture more easily.


As a practicing dentist, I have been diagnosing and treating patients with dental fluorosis for over 30 years. My research on dental fluorosis (confirmed by the studies reported in the 2006 NRC report as well as the 2000 York review) show fluoridation significantly increases the numbers of patients seeking expensive cosmetic repairs. No one in public health has ever accounted for the added costs of treating dental fluorosis when considering the cost-benefit ratio of fluoridation.


There is no doubt in my mind that fluoridation has next to no benefit in terms of reduced dental decay. The modern literature is clear on that. Fluoridation cessation studies fail to show an increase in dental decay. In fact, caries rates continue to drop. The York review, held up as the best evidence for ‘safe and effective’ for fluoridation is flawed for several reasons, such as lumping modern studies with very old and questionable studies which resulted in an over-estimate of a perceived modest benefit.


Fluoride added to drinking water has NOT been shown to be safe and effective. In fact, as more and more peer-reviewed studies on fluoride toxicity appear in the literature, it has become clear to me that the pendulum is certainly shifting to “not safe, and no longer effective.’ My professional recommendation is to vote fluoridation out!


Dr. Hardy Limeback BSc, PhD, DDS
Professor Emeritus and Former Head of Preventive Dentistry,
Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto

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