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The trouble with lying and deceiving is that their efficiency depends entirely upon a clear notion of the truth that the liar and deceiver wishes to hide. In this sense, truth, even if it does not prevail in public, possesses an ineradicable primacy over all falsehoods.

Hannah Arendt



Important Announcement

Meeting with Dr. Paul Connett

Thursday, August 27, 7:00 PM

Room PE 264 University of Lethbridge

Dr Paul Connett

Paul Connett, PhD: Curriculum Vitae
Updated August 2013.

Paul Connett is Professor Emeritus in Environmental Chemistry at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY. For the past 30 years, Paul has put his scientific knowledge to work by helping (without fee) communities around the world understand the science of controversial issues like incineration and fluoridation. In addition to explaining the dangers of these practices he offers details of the alternatives.

Read Dr. Connett’s bio on the American Environmental Health Studies Project. We are very thankful for the opportunity to have him coming to Lethbridge.

Invite everyone you know to this important meeting with this most knowledgeable and ardent fluoride fighter.

Please contact me if you have suggestions for how to make the most of Dr. Connett’s time with us or what you like to see happen at the meeting. He’s here for only that one day. I hope he’ll be able to meet with some of the City Councillors during the day.

The Media

I was going to title this segment, Media Madness because that’s what it appears to be. But, I thought I should take a more conservative approach.

Dr. Bob Dickson and I were interviewed by Wendy Glauser for the online publication, Healthy Debate. The article, Should Canadian communities continue to fluoridate water?, was published last week.

When Wendy interviewed us, she indicated that she really didn’t know much about fluoridation. We sent her sound scientific reference articles, as well as the well-documented AHS Rebuttal, and strongly encouraged her to read the books, The Case Against Fluoride and The Fluoride Deception.

The image at the top of this newsletter is quite appropriate for what transpired. The Media nearly always takes the side of the “professionals” despite the evidence.

Here’s Ms. Glauser’s email to Dr. Bob and me:

Hi Marilyn and Bob,


Here is the article on fluoride. In the end, though we did read the studies showing harms we didn’t feel they were strong enough to significantly the body of evidence on fluoride, though we did link to one of the studies on harms. http://healthydebate.ca/2015/07/topic/evidence-for-fluoridated-water


Thank you again for your time and feel free to comment on the article.


Thank you,


Wendy Glauser

Research Writer
Healthy Debate

The comments after the article have the best information about fluoridation. Do read them.

Dr. Bob replied to Wendy’s email:

Hi, Wendy, and thanks for your efforts with this article. I have to say I am disappointed but not surprised. When we are not fully informed, the tendency is to side with the “health professionals” and their powerful trade organizations.


Actually, I could write a book in response to your letter, but then that has already been done by a MD/PhD Biophysicist and a PhD biochemist, and it refutes everything in the article that was brought up by our not so diligent public health and under-informed dental folks. It’s called THE CASE AGAINST FLUORIDE and has received accolades in many countries.


And I’ve got to think that there must be some reason why a recent Nobel Laureate in Medicine calls water fluoridation the biggest scam ever propagated against society, several thousand EPA scientists in the USA ask for a moratorium on the practice, over 6,000 professionals worldwide risk their reputation to sign onto an open letter to end fluoridation, Newsweek published an article in May about the ineffectiveness and harms caused by fluoride, and thousands of dentists are no longer buying the party line despite risk to their livelihood.


The beat goes on. Ancient Chinese curse–may you live in interesting times!


Enjoy the summer.



I received this email from Dr. Beck after forwarding the Healthy Debate article to him:



Thanks for sending the link. I have just read the article and scanned the following comments and read Hardy’s submission.


I think I exchanged messages with Wendy Glauser some time ago (I’m not bothering to look for the correspondence in my files). The article is not very good, but perhaps better than the usual. It does show that there is dispute and that it may be appropriate that there is dispute (hooray!). The comments are interesting. Hardy’s is good, of course, and leads me to decide that I needn’t write a comment.


I am particularly dismayed at that business about being OK to force a drug onto a population as long as it was decided by democratic process. Bizarre. Is it OK to give thalidomide to pregnant women if a majority of their fellow citizens agree to it?



“Bizarre” is right!

Well, it was another opportunity to share the truth and stir the pot of controversy.

Contest Winners

You were asked to look at our new Fluoride Free Lethbridge website and pick your favourite piece of artwork to win an organic T-Shirt (value $25.00) or a Lawn Sign (value $15.00). [I decided to give two lawn signs.]

We have winners!

Sue L – I like the picture of the masked person feeding the baby a bottle – it is shocking but people need to wake up.



Laurie-Ann W – I would pick the design of the mom, young boy drinking the glass of water with a sad quiet mom and CDC man with Hitler’s similarity and AHS services supervising boy drinking.

Jennifer T – For the artwork contest, my favorite is the ‘your silence gives consent’ piece.

Silence gives Consent

Thanks to those who entered.

Of Interest

Fluoride Dangers: What’s In Your Pet’s Water?

Fluoride And Bone Health

Racetracks in Southern CA such as Santa Anita, Del Mar and Hollywood Park have reported significant rises in bone breakage in horses. Fluoridation in the water causes horses to develop pathological bone structure and other irreversible damage which worsens with consumption. Since the San Diego Wild Animal Park began using fluoridated water, the elephant show has been permanently cancelled with one animal reportedly having mental derangement. Their zebras were also isolated in a separate pen for sudden and unusually aggressive behavior. The Australian state of Victoria announced the recent euthanization of hundreds of Kangaroos due to acute fluoride poisoning. The poisonings resulted from emissions of fluoride from the Alcoa aluminum smelter which were absorbed by local vegetation on which the kangaroos forage. It was reported that more than 200 kangaroos suffered from lameness caused by fluorosis, had developed dental fluorosis and they also suffered from excessive bone growth and lesions on their ankles, calves and paws….

Letter to City Council

From: Frances
To: “Bridget Mearns” <Bridget.Mearns@lethbridge.ca>
Cc: council@lethbridge.ca, mayor@lethbridge.ca
Sent: Monday, July 6, 2015 8:46:50 PM
Subject: Pools

I was wondering if pool water for the new Westside Complex has taken Ozone/Chlorine cleaning into consideration. I have been in the West Vancouver Aquatic facility many times and it is very beneficial to not have the irritants that normal chlorine disinfectants cause. Now too, if we could also just get rid of Fluoridation, we would have a much healthier Lethbridge population.

Thanks for your attention. Frances

Aquatic Centre | District of West Vancouver: http://westvancouver.ca/parks-recreation/community-centres/aquatic-centre

Ozone-Treated Water. The Aquatic Centre pools have a combination of ozone and chlorine to reduce chlorine concentrations in the pools, and the chances of eye irritation.


The chlorine-ozone system in the lap and leisure pools and the two hot tubs disinfects more effectively than chlorine. Reducing chlorine levels provides excellent water quality, clarity and air quality, and lessens chances of skin itch, eye and lung irritation.

Frances says, “I very quickly received a response back from Bridget Mearns on her IPhone that she found the information interesting and would look into it and get back to me.”

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Speak out with your Lawn signs. Call Sean at 403-329-9157 to get yours.

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