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Mission statement… “To deliver evidence-based information about fluoridation to decision-makers, empower them to use it in the best interests of the public, and protect the vulnerable.”

The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) seeks to broaden awareness among citizens, scientists, and policymakers alike about the toxicity of fluoride compounds. FAN provides comprehensive and up-to-date information regarding all aspects of fluoride, from its purported dental benefits to its documented harm to human and animal health. FAN also remains vigilant in monitoring government agency actions that may impact the public’s exposure to fluoride.

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Silicofluoride chemicals are added to public water supplies in only a few countries in the World. No toxicological testing has ever been undertaken on the silicofluoride chemicals added to drinking water. This website was set up to help educate the public on the human health and environmental impacts of silicofluoride and fluoride based compounds in water so that the public as consumers may be better informed of the risks.

This is the private blog of Declan Waugh Environmental Scientist.

Articles of interest on fluoridation

A Collection of Brief Comments from Various Journals

By Dr. Paul Connett

Dr. Hardy Limeback’s Apology

by John Colquhoun Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, 41, 1, Autumn 1997

Based on new research, a former fluoridation proponent changes his opinion about the alleged safety and benefits of water fluoridation.


How Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics That Keep It There

by Paul Connett, James Beck, Spedding Micklem

by Christopher Bryson

The Fluoride Deception reveals how military and industry scientists and public health officials buried information about fluoride’s potential for human harm, while promoting its use in dentistry. The Fluoride Deception reveals that fluoride pollution was the greatest legal threat facing the wartime Manhattan Project.

Health Risks

Sheldon Thomas, author of this report, is the founder of Clear Water Legacy ( and a former Manager of Water Distribution for the City of Hamilton, Ontario.

“Where is the carved-in-stone proof that fluoride exposure will not scar a child even before the drawing of first breath?” This well-referenced document answers that question with a resounding, “Nowhere!”

Sheldon Thomas, author of this report, is the founder of Clear Water Legacy ( and a former Manager of Water Distribution for the City of Hamilton, Ontario.

This well-referenced document exposes the astounding lack of scientific evidence that would prove fluoridation chemicals are safe.

A list of the many health risks associated with drinking fluoridated water

The chemicals used to fluoridate drinking water are derived from the manufacture of phosphate fertilizer. Captured in the industry’s wet scrubbing systems, these chemicals contain a number of contaminants (e.g. arsenic, lead) not found in pharmaceutical grade fluoride. Of greater interest is the fact that 2 recent peer-reviewed studies (Neurotoxicology, December 2000; International Journal of Environmental Studies, September 1999), have found an association between consumption of water containing hydrofluosilicic acid or sodium silicofluoride (the most commonly used fluoridation chemicals) and higher blood lead levels in children.

This site lists a number of studies linking fluoridation with increased levels of lead and arsenic in children.

Twelve facts about fluoride with references in a letter to The Southeast Examiner, Portland, OR, October 05, 2012

More Resources

by Dr. W. Gifford-Jones, September 25, 2012

by Doug Cragoe, June 15, 2012

Fluoride and Fluoridated Water’s Link to Thyroid Disease

Chicago, IL, January 24, 2011

by Fluoride Action Network, June 09, 2008

Appearance and cause of dental fluorosis

Fluoride is difficult to remove from water.

Origins of Hydrofluorosilicic Acid

Legal Implications

July 18, 2012

Legal cases establishing dangers of Fluoride