There comes a time when silence is betrayal.

– Martin Luther King Jr


It’s spring! Think lawn signs! They are an easy way to say you don’t consent to being force-medicated with hydrofluorosilicic acid, aka fluoride.


Why do you want fluoridation ended?

When we had public meetings, many people shared with us about their health problems caused by fluoridation and their concerns for their children’s health. Yesterday, I was talking with a young man whose teeth were mottled – probably by drinking fluoridated water. What can I say to him about his health?

Let’s talk about our concerns.

Important Information

This week I was asked for information about a countrywide survey Health Canada had undertaken examining childhood dental caries that indicated British Columbia had the lowest incidence of dental caries. We couldn’t find such a comprehensive study, but were forwarded the following. These are just a few of the articles sent to me. More information can be forwarded to you on request.


Dr. Beck had this chart showing that cavity rates were similar between unfluoridated Quebec and fluoridated Ontario, and cavity rates were lower in unfluoridated British Columbia than in fluoridated Ontario.

This Globe and Mail news item from April, 2010 has very good information:

Fluoridation may not do much for cavities

When it comes to fluoridating drinking water, Ontario and Quebec couldn’t be further apart. Ontario has the country’s highest rate of adding the tooth-enamel-strengthening chemical into municipal supplies, while Quebec has one of the lowest, with practically no one drinking fluoridated water.

But surprisingly, the two provinces have very little difference in tooth-decay rates, a finding that is likely to intensify the ongoing controversy over the practice of adding fluoride to water as a public health measure…

But the results showed that if fluoridation is the only major difference between the two provinces, the chemical is preventing fewer than half a cavity per child in Ontario….

It would be very helpful and interesting to know the difference in other disease rates, especially dental fluorosis, between Ontario and Quebec.

The BC Dental Survey of Kindergarten Children, 2012-2013 was a key component in the fight to end fluoridation in Prince George, BC last fall. It showed Northern Health (Prince George) to have the highest rate of dental cavities, yet it had the longest history of fluoridation in BC.

A note from Emile Begin, Prince George:

Hi Marilyn, Harry and others,

Harry, the BC Kindergarten Dental Survey was a very important report others in our group discovered as we headed toward the goalpost, ending fluoridation in Prince George. We were successful with ending forced fluoridation, after 60 years including two very intensive years of research, FOI documentation requests, including information seeking, sharing and exchanging with many new friends like Marilyn in Lethbridge and others around the world and locally.

I too, have searched for a direct Health Canada comparison of dental cavities for our kindergarten aged children and have not found a good comparison in similar formats.

However, the BC Kindergarten report was excellent, with information provided by Health Authorities. They support fluoridation (and still strongly do) and they provided the field data generating the report confirming fluoridation was not working in

fluoridated communities. They very clearly confirmed non-fluoridated communities had fewer dental problems! And they still fight the truth that they provided!

Here’s an interesting statistic from National Health Expenditure Trends, 1975 to 2014, on page 55: “CIHI’s Health Personnel Database shows that between 2003 and 2012, the number of dentists and dental hygienists increased by 39.4%, from 35,122 to 48,945; the average annual growth rate was more than three times that of the Canadian population.”

Note: the growth rate was more than three times that of the population. Is fluoridation really working?

Other Communities

Prince George, BC

Emile Begin sent an update on what’s happened in Prince George since the fluoridation was ended in December, 2014.

It sounds like the City has retained the chemical storage tanks and removed the injectors. Apparently an opportunity to “re-purpose” the toxic storage tanks as they are built into the building structure. Sounds a little suspicious and I know Northern Health and local dentists want fluoridation back, so bad they can’t taste the clean fresh water!

Several people I have spoken with have reaffirmed my conviction that removing the toxins was right as their own thyroid and reduced sleep issues have begun to disappear. So the thyroid and pineal glands are starting to fix themselves! Their spouses have even commented on the improved healthy behaviours and the savings from not needing thyroid medication any longer!

Marilyn here: We need to consider some points Emile is making here about getting written confirmation from city officials at the time the fluoride taps are shut off in our city. Emile continues:

Hello to a few friends.

I wanted to provided confirmation on what I hope will be considered the last part of the City of Prince George’s, local, sixty years of forced fluoridation activities (possibly with one more part to clean-up – I tend to be a details kind of guy, sometimes, OK – often).

Please read the email below for confirmation by the City of Prince George that all fluoridation actions have ended and all fluoridation equipment has been removed by the City!

My need to have end fluoridation documentation in hand is based on several years of learned and well documented actions from the City of Prince George, the Northern Health Authority, the Ministry of Health including Health Canada reflecting their failure to provide public fluoridation documentation confirmed in their response letters defining their need to protect those who harmed many. Limited Public documentation that was provided, provided many lessons and much insight.

To the many caring, intelligent, passionate, well educated in life and other areas, people, like Marilyn Judd (who was not able to see her efforts lead to our success), Dr. James Beck, Dr. Paul Connett, Jane Shaak and many other people, locally and internationally who shared their life stories with me, conducted the research, published the books and facts including accepting me / us and our City’s challenge into their lives, again, a deep, heartfelt and personal thank you.

To those who continue the fight, we continue to work together to help.

The one, possible last part remaining to clean up; getting the Province of BC to remove the forced fluoridation legislation they enacted, without public knowledge or consideration and that is no longer applicable to the City of Prince George. (Enabling and Validation Legislation, No. 2, Section 43, City of Prince George Fluoridation Bylaw)

The people of Prince George have had a single and their only opportunity to voice their concerns regarding fluoridation November 2014.

We made our wishes known and ended fluoridation. Now it’s time to remove the undemocratic legislation that took away our right to choose, helping future Prince George residents keep toxic waste out of our fresh, clean water.

Take Care.

Emile Begin

PS. I sent the FOI Commissioner (April 7, 2015) a request for them to pursue my City of Prince George February 2, 2015 FOI request to obtain public documentation confirming forced fluoridation was ended and that all equipment was removed as was promised through the November referendum and those elected.

My February 2, 2015 request received no response from anyone at the City (Clerk, and all those elected in November.)

Mayor Hall phoned me later in Feb; asking me “Do you trust me when I tell you fluoridation has ended?” I said: “Yes, I trust you. However, as you understand and can appreciate, public documentation confirming fluoridation has ended is part of our social needs, and based on the last sixty years of City activities, the need for documentation has become a very reasonable requirement to request.” The Mayor promised to send me a letter confirming fluoridation was ended and the equipment would be removed by City staff once scheduled.

The letter from the Mayor has never been received by me.

I suspect the email below is due to the FOI Commissioner’s Office greatly appreciated and recent efforts based on my April 7, 2015 request to them. When I acknowledge the email from Dave Dyer, I may ask for the email documentation the City sent to Bruce Gaunt, Northern Health Authority, advising them fluoridation was ended on December 19, 2014!

The City provided documented notification to the Health Authority, fluoridation has ended. What about the residents? Don’t we count too?

Thank you to the FOI Commissioner Office and staff.

From: To:

Subject: Request for Confirmation Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2015 01:15:29 +0000

Mr. Begin,

I recently was appointed as Interim Director and only discovered now that you had not received a response to your February 2, 2015 email request for confirmation that fluoridation is no longer applied to City water. Please accept my sincere apologies for not providing you a response sooner.

I have been advised by our staff that all fluoride equipment had been taken off line and was isolated from the water supply system at our stations where the equipment was in operation during the work shifts following the resolution by City Council December 15, 2014. This was confirmed in an email to Bruce Gaunt of the Northern Health Authority on December 19, 2014.

Staff has advised me today that the physical removal of all fluoridation pumps, piping and valves at all of our stations was completed on March 5, 2015.


David Dyer, P.Eng.

Interim Director of Public Works

City of Prince George

Tel: 250-561-7663

Legally speaking, I don’t see a bona fide commitment of verification that the equipment has indeed been dismantled, only that staff has reported it has been so. This is not good enough. Emile is waiting for hardcopy confirmation from the city.

Fairview, AB

This just came in this morning.

Bylaw to cut fluoride gets first reading

Discussion of ceasing fluoridation of the town water supply has returned and it looks as though council is giving it serious consideration.

At their April 7 meeting, Council discussed a bylaw to repeal the bylaw giving the town authorization to fluoridate the water…

The original bylaw dates from 1957. Councillor Dennis Radbourne said when the original bylaw was approved, Fairview was a leader but now, with fluoride available in toothpaste the town is not the only provider.

Council approved first reading of the bylaw….

The Fallacies of Alberta Health Services Position on Artificial Water Fluoridation Exposed will be sent to Fairview Town Council to address the disingenuous and misleading arguments AHS gives to support fluoridation.

Our Community

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