There’s poison in our tap water and it’s being piped into our homes without our permission.

Fluoride Free Lethbridge is a group of concerned citizens calling for an end to adding hydrofluorosilicic acid to our water.

Everyone has the right to supplement fluoride intake if they so choose. However, nobody, including a governmental body has the moral, legal or ethical right to medicate anyone without their consent. How much greater a travesty is it to add an unregulated highly toxic industrial waste product to our water supply in the name of preventive medicine?

We reject the claim that there is no harm caused by ingesting hydrofluorosilicic acid (aka fluoride), even in small amounts. The proven risks to health greatly overwhelm the purported and disproven benefits. Fluoridation must be stopped as soon as possible to prevent further injury.

The rights of the people of Lethbridge have been violated by medicating them without their informed consent. Many are suffering from the addition of this poison to the water without realizing why. Others who have discovered the cause of their ailments are forced to buy expensive filtration systems or fluoride-free water, if they can afford it. Many can’t. Time to stop this injustice. Time to stop this nonsense.

Water fluoridation provides no benefit while causing harm to our health and the environment.


Our Mission

The mission of Fluoride Free Lethbridge is to inform the public and our city officials of the hazards of fluoridation and to put a stop to this egregious practice.

Get involved. We’re in this together.