Write City Council

Unless City Council knows you care, you’ll continue with fluoride. Is that what you want? If not, tell them so, briefly, factually, passionately. It’s your life and your responsibility.


The responsibility of City Council is to represent the interests of their constituents. Councillors need to hear what you want and why it’s important that they address your concerns in order to do what’s right for everyone’s good.

“Public water fluoridation forces a population to ingest the drug fluorine – a drug that causes disease! Nobody – not your neighbour by way of referendum, not your doctor or dentist, and definitely not the government – has the right to force you to ingest a drug against your will…”

~ Kevin James Millership (Click here to read lawsuit filed against Canada)

Many communities across Canada have chosen to stop water fluoridation and Lethbridge needs to be included in that growing number.

However, if citizens remain silent about this issue, then our rights will continue to be denied.

Let your representatives know that medicating the population without informed consent goes against the rights of all.

Council needs to know that you want safe drinking water and a clean environment.

If you prefer to contact council members in person or by phone, here is the info:

Lethbridge City Council (2017)

Position on Fluoridation

Mayor Chris Spearman

2nd Floor, City Hall 910 – 4th Avenue South
Lethbridge, AB  T1J 0P6
Mayor’s Office Phone: 403-320-3823
Mayor’s Office Facsimile: 403-320-7575
Email: mayor@lethbridge.ca

VERY Pro-Fluoridation

Councillor Mark Campbell

Cell: 403-360-0808
Email: mark.campbell@lethbridge.ca 


Councillor Jeff Carlson

Cell: 403-360-7550

Email: jeff.carlson@lethbridge.ca 


Councillor Jeff Coffman

Cell: 403-315-9092
Email: jeff.coffman@lethbridge.ca

VERY Pro-Fluoridation

Councillor Belinda Crowson

Office: 403-320-4276
Email: belinda.crowson@lethbridge.ca


Councillor Blaine Hyggen

Office: 403-380-9530
Email: blaine.hyggen@lethbridge.ca


Councillor Joe Mauro

Residence: 403-381-7194
Cell: 403-330-1522
Cell: 403-795-4884
Email: joe.mauro@lethbridge.ca


Councillor Rob Miyashiro

Cell: 403-360-5000
Email: rob.miyashiro@lethbridge.ca


Councillor Ryan Parker

Residence: 403-380-4848
Cell: 403-360-8880
Email: ryan.parker@lethbridge.ca



These posters are here for you to print and use to let everyone know about the toxic chemical (hydrofluorosilicic acid, aka fluoride) in our tap water. Copy and share far and wide.


  • NEW! Fluoride Free Lethbridge original poster “The Lie” (JPG file)
  • NEW! Fluoride Free Lethbridge original poster “Why Fluoridation Should Be Stopped” (JPG file)
  • Fluoride Free Lethbridge original poster “Does this make sense to you?” Mother in hazmat suit version (8.5 x 11 inches, JPG file)
  • Fluoride Free Lethbridge original poster “Does this make sense to you?” Toothpaste and a glass of Lethbridge water version (8.5 x 11 inches, JPG file, PDF file)